Sponsored by Zonta Club of Cheyenne

Cheyenne, WY Wednesday, February 17, the Zonta Club of Cheyenne will sponsor Trish Worley – Economic Justice Specialist from the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault as a part of their “Awareness Wednesdays” events. The free event will be hosted through Zoom on Wednesday, February 17, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

During this presentation, Trish Worley, Economic Justice Specialist at the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault will illustrate what financial abuse looks like in the context of domestic violence. Participants will learn about survivor’s financial health, the cost of experiencing abuse, what survivor’s needs are – including how much cash they need to stay safe – and how society can best support them.

Worley states that the most common form of domestic violence is financial abuse. The  response to intimate partner violence (IPV) isn’t working – and the proof is in the prevalence. Despite a movement spanning over 40 years, 1 in 4 women still experience IPV in the U.S. What are we getting wrong about IPV? The answer lies in how we frame the problem. We approach IPV solely through crisis intervention, when in reality it is an asset-building issue. The #1 reason survivors stay in or return to abuse is because they simply can’t afford to leave or stay safe. This means that in order to disrupt the cycle of violence in the U.S., we must prioritize survivor wealth. Awareness fuels change.

Participants are welcome to join the Zoom meeting at:


Meeting ID: 842 0398 7330

Passcode: 695124

For more information, email Zonta Club of Cheyenne at info@cheyennezonta.org or call 307-509-0473.

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